FineReader Server overview

Watch this video for real life scenarios where FineReader Server can be used. Fast, accurate results in over 200 languages, barcode recognition, integration with SharePoint & more!

You will see use-cases in action for:

  • Storage optimization
  • Centralized document conversion service
  • Integration and customization

Watch how the program uses barcodes to seperate a single file containing several contracts. In a few seconds, the archive has been processed and results are saved in SharePoint. Each folder will have the contract documents pertaining to each barcode. Not only that, the SharePoint library has now become fully searchable.

Empower your non-technical business users with FineReader Server. With the centralized document conversion service, see how FineReader Server requires no special traning or previous knowledge to start the conversion process. In this example:
1. An employee sends a document to a special email address.
2. Within seconds, the employee recieves an email back with the converted document attached.

Integrate into existing systems using REST API or customize using scripts. FineReader Server supports .NET languages as well as JScript and VBScript.

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