How to set up barcode separation on the scanning station

In this video, you will learn how to use FineReader Server to easily split documents by using barcodes.

In this scenario, a single file contains multiple documents. FineReader Server uses the barcodes on each first page to group and separate the pages into documents. Simple and efficient processing:

  1. Select your batch options and the barcode type used.
  2. Scan your document or upload from your computer. You can even take a photo from a mobile device and use predefined or manual editing to create a document from the photo.
  3. Send the file to FineReader Server and it will do the work for you.

FineReader Server automatically converts large collections of documents into searchable, sharable digital libraries. See how our server-based OCR and PDF conversion feature converts scanned and electronic documents into PDF, PDF/A, Microsoft Word, or other formats for search, long-term retention, collaboration, or additional processing – quickly, accurately, and automatically.

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