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This section contains answers to commonly-asked questions about ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK.

Managing the account

Please try again (cloud.ocrsdk.com/Account/Login), checking for possible mistakes:

  • Make sure that you are using the correct e-mail and password.
  • One possible reason is that some extra symbols (like spaces or line breaks) were copied with the password. To avoid this, copy the password to a text editor and from there to the form.
  • Double-check the symbols that look alike (for example, the capital letter I and the lowercase letter l).
  • Make sure that Caps Lock is off.

If you are still unable to log in, try resetting the password by clicking Forgot password? on the login screen.

Application ID
is generated automatically at an application creation. This value is constant and is used for Authentication.

Display Name of the application is a name, that you assign to your application at its creation for easy navigation through your application list. You can edit the Display Name of the application on the Dashboard tab of the ABBYY OCR SDK Console any time. Please note, that the Display Name should be unique within your application list.

Your Application ID is the unique identifier, generated automatically. Display Name is the name of the application, which you entered when creating the application. You can see these items if you go to https://cloud.ocrsdk.com/ and log in:

The password to your application will be sent to the e-mail address you specified during registration. See also the next question.

First of all, check that the e-mail didn't end up in your spam folder. If not, try resetting your application password to receive another e-mail with a new password. To do this, go to https://cloud.ocrsdk.com/ and log in. Click Settings under your application's name. On the next screen click Reset application password.

The e-mail notifications that you receive from the Cloud OCR SDK team contain information that can be useful for you, such as the new password for your application or a reminder that your application's balance is running low. See Service Notifications for details.

If you need several members of your team to manage the account that was previously a personal one, we recommend creating a separate group email which every of these persons will be able to access. Then please send an email request to CloudOcrSdk@abbyy.com and we will change the account email. After our database is updated accordingly, a message with a new password will be sent to the new email.

Log into your ABBYY OCR SDK Console and create a new application by the "+ Add new application" button on the Dashboard tab.

You can create as many applications as you want, as long as you have purchased at least one package for each of them, excepting the first one.

In case you would like to change your subscription plan to package or just cancel the subscription, you need to visit your Account Dashboard page and click "Cancel subscription". The unused remainder of pages will be valid for 90 days since the last payment. 

API versions

See the table below for differences between API v1 and v2.

Instance v1 v2
HTTP server URL address, used for API calls


Response format XML JSON
getApplicationInfo method requires Application Name Application ID
Elements of the response estimatedProcessingTime (in milliseconds) requestStatusDelay (in milliseconds)
credits -
deleteTask method GET method POST method
processDocument method GET method POST method
Error formats Status codes in v1 Satus codes in v2
Purchasing the credits

You can buy a package online. Payment is performed via Credit Card and PayPal, either with your credit card or your PayPal account. See Online Purchase Guide for details.

You can get the PDF invoice depending on the payment type of your purchase.

For purchases paid via Paypal

To receive PDF invoices attached to the confirmation e-mail of every new purchase, please enable the option "Send PDF invoices for every completed purchase" and fill in the invoice settings in your Account Settings.

You can get the invoices for the previous purchases in the Order History section. Click on the link in the Invoice# column.

For purchases paid by card (via 2Checkout)

To get the invoice for purchase paid by credit card (via 2Checkout), please go to your personal 2Checkout account. Choose the required purchase in the list and click on the link in the Order details column.

In order to change the payment method from PayPal to credit card for your existing subscription, you need to stop the subscription first and then restart it by purchasing it with your credit card.


  1. Please make sure, that your account balance is positive. If the balance is negative, please contact the support.
  2. To update your credit/debit card details, you should first stop the current subscription (See How do I manage my subscription). The remaining subscription balance will be valid till the subscription expiration data (90 days from the last payment).

  3. Buy a new subscription with your actual card. The remaining subscription balance and the new purchase volume will be summed up.

Now your credit/debit card details are updated and the subscription payment can be submitted.

Recognition-related questions

You can specify several languages, separated by commas, in the language parameter of any processing method. For example: "English,Spanish". The recognition service will automatically select the language of the document from the specified set.

Yes, you can export the recognized data in up to three different file formats. To do this, specify the necessary formats, separated by commas, in the exportFormat parameter of the processImage or processDocument method. For example: "txt,pdfSearchable,xml". The task cost does not go up when you set multiple export formats.
Note that you cannot export in multiple formats when using a field-recognition method or business card recognition method.

The technical restriction on the text field length is 200 characters. If the field you recognize is longer, the extra characters will not be written into the output. If you need to process a lot of text, it is better to use the processImage method, which provides full-page recognition.

This error message is returned when you try to process a PDF file which is protected by password. If you know the password, specify it in the pdfPassword parameter of the processing method. If you do not know the password, try a workaround: if printing is allowed for the file, print it with some virtual printer software into one of the image formats accepted by ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK and process images instead of PDFs.

The non-specific error message may have various causes. In particular, it may happen when you have created multiple processing tasks for the same file, in which case the fullest and most useful error message will be returned for the first of these tasks only. In general, we do not recommend sending the same file for processing more than two or three times.

How can I get usage statistics for my application?

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK API includes various methods which will help you obtain information about the tasks you have passed for processing. The listTasks method can list up to 1000 tasks and accepts the date interval as the input parameter; the getApplicationInfo method returns the current balance of the application and the date on which the balance will expire.

However, we do not provide detailed application statistics, and if you need an extended usage log, please keep the records on your side using one of the methods mentioned above.

General questions about service operation

The processing time depends on many factors, the most important being your image quality, the upload speed, and the service workload. Here are some things you can try if you are dissatisfied with the processing speed you get.

  1. See Source Image Recommendations for advice on scanning and photographing your documents so as to improve recognition quality and save processing time.
  2. Check your upload speed, especially if you are sending large images.
  3. If your images are of good quality, you can skip some of the preprocessing stages to increase recognition speed. Set up the following parameters of the processing method you are using:
    • imageSource=scanner
      if your images are scanned and not photographed; some types of distortion will not be detected
    • correctOrientation=false, correctSkew=false
      if your image is the right side up and not askew
  4. If you do not need barcode recognition also set readBarcodes=false.

Go to http://www.ocrsdk.com/status/ to check the current service status and find out more about the past performance issues.

To prevent DoS attacks ABBYY reserves the right to impose reasonable limits on the number of free repeated recognitions per account per day.

If you get the “Exceeded quota to add images” error, your application has run up against one of these limitations:

  • you may upload twice as many images as your current balance would allow you to process (you can resolve this issue by topping up your account);
  • up to 100 images and up to 100 barcodes per day can be re-recognized for free (if you have already re-recognized more, please wait until the next day).

See Billing Terms for details.

Data processing location

Full information about your applications is stored on the Dashboard tab of your account. Data processing location and the corresponding URL string for the request methods can be found in the description of the application.

The connection of the application and its processing location is permanent, so to process data in another region you should create a new application.

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