How to pass the Registration Parameter value to the Static Text element of FlexiLayout during scanning


Can the Registration Parameter inputted during the scanning of the document be used as a Search Text for the Static Text Element in the FlexiLayout?


  1. Add a Registration Parameter in the FlexiLayout.

  2. Create a Static Text Element and use an Advanced pre-search relations script:


    For test purposes, it is possible to create a Block and connect it with the created Static Text Element. In FlexiCapture, this will show the found text as a Field.

  3. Export the created FlexiLayout and create a Document Definition based on it.

  4. Add the Registration Parameter for the Batch Type. To be able to add the Registration Parameters, make sure to use the custom Batch Type.

  5. The Batch Registration Parameter can be specified during scanning using the FlexiCapture Scanning Station.

  6. The Batch Registration Parameter can be copied to each document in the Automatic (Script) Workflow Stage.

    for(int i=0; i<Batch.Documents.Count; i++)
  7. This will assign the value to the Document Registration Parameter and the FlexiLayout will be looking for the assigned value in a Static Text Element.

Additional Information

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