SharePoint connection failed in FineReader Server 14

If you are using a remote Administration Console, you may face the following error message while configuring a SharePoint connection:

SharePoint connection failed. The SharePoint connector library is not registered. Please verify that you have the .Net Framework 4.5 feature installed on the Processing Station. If the feature is not installed, run the ABBYY FineReader Server installer and select the Repair option to install the feature.


For correct functioning of SharePoint you need Server Manager and Support of Microsoft SharePoint installed.
Please install Server Manager and Support for SharePoint on the machine where the remote Administration Console is installed:

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    Michael Long

    I've been fighting with this for a while.  Adding  that it needs to be on the computer with the RAC in the error description would be helpful.

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    Nina Blokhina

    Hi Michael, are you able to connect to SharePoint now?


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