Using ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap 5.5 with ScanSnap Manager on Mac

FineReader for ScanSnap in combination with ScanSnap Manager utility of Fujitsu can capture text from a scanned document and save it as a Microsoft Word document, a Microsoft Excel workbook, a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or a searchable PDF document.

Below you may find the instructions on how to scan documents and convert them into searchable PDFs with FineReader for ScanSnap:

  1. Start ScanSnap Manager application > go to ScanSnap Manager menu > select Settings;
    Or right-click ScanSnap Manager icon > select Settings;
  2. In the top left corner of the ScanSnap window uncheck the option Use Quick Menu;
  3. Open Application tab;
  4. Create a profile or select an existing one;
  5. Define the scanning settings, a destination to save documents;
  6. Select ABBYY Scan to Searchable PDF in the Application drop-down list;
  7. Click the Application Settings... button to define the settings for the conversion in FineReader for ScanSnap, such as Document language;
  8. Click Apply and try scanning with the profile by pressing the Scan button on the scanner.
    A document will be scanned and converted to a Searchable PDF with FineReader for ScanSnap.

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