How to set up rounding for the Amount of Money fields


When recognizing documents using FlexiCapture 12 (or FlexiCapture for Invoices) you might want to use rounding for fields that extract the amount of money (ex.: "Total price", "Total", etc.). How to set up the rounding for the amount fields in FlexiCapture 12?


To set up the rounding for the field, you should do the following changes in the Field's Properties. Please note that the below settings relate only to the fields with the Amount of Money Data type.

  1. Open the Data tab in the Field's Properties.
  2. Enable the Use normalization option.


  1. Click Edit Normalization Settings and set the required normalization. Usually, the 2 digits after the decimal are needed, as shown in the example below.


In this case, values that have more than two digits after decimal will be rounded automatically.

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