Deleting OpenOffice installed as part of FineReader Server 14

If you need to delete Apache OpenOffice installed as a part of FineReader Server 14 or Recognition Server 4, use the instruction below:

Launch the distributive kit, choose the Modify option, uncheck the option Support for Office File Formats (Digital Born Documents in Recognition Server 4) and complete the installation without this option:

Repeat this process on all Processing Stations.

​After the installation you will be able to choose LibreOffice or Microsoft Office as a program which will process Office documents. This option can be found in the Workflow properties. Note that LibreOffice or Microsoft Office need to be installed on all Processing Stations.


If you are using Recognition Server 4, you can also delete the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\ABBYY Recognition Server 4.0\Bin\OpenOffice4

You will find the instruction on how to use LibreOffice or Microsoft Office in Recognition Server Help.

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