How process large documents faster in FineReader Server 14

If you noticed that the documents are not processed fast enough in your environment or you would like to increase the performance of FineReader Server 14, this information can be helpful.

Recognition and export processes are performed by the Processing Station. Make sure that you have 2-3 free cores for the Server to distribute the files among processing cores if the Server and the Processing Station are installed on the same machine.

By default each job gets divided on portions 25 pages each. Each core gets one portion for processing. For example, if you have 4 cores available for processing and you want to recognize a 100-page document, you will be able to process 100 pages at a time (since you have 4 cores and each is processing 25 pages at once). When the processing is finished, the export will be performed by one core. Meanwhile free cores will receive the next document for processing.

The default number of pages processed by one core at a time can be changed. The instruction is available via the link: Calculating the PagesSlice value required for your project 

You can also run a test to determine how many processing cores your environment will need, the instruction is available via the link: Calculating the number of CPUs required for your project

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