"Error connecting to <server address>" error is shown when opening the project in Web Capture Station and Web Scanning Station


After selecting the project in Web Capture Station or Web Scanning Station, the error "Error connecting to <server address>" is shown.


In most cases, this error indicates that the proxy is used in the environment.


Web Capture Station and Web Scanning Station use the Scanning Plugin to load images. The Scanning Plugin of the FlexiCapture 12 Release 3 Update 3 (and versions before that) does not support proxy. The proxy support in the Scanning Plugin is planned for FlexiCapture 12 Release 3 Update 4.

You can check the actual version of FlexiCapture by using the following links:

This issue can only be worked around by proxy settings: exclude the necessary computers/users and FlexiCapture server addresses from the proxy.

Additional information

FlexiCapture Cloud Data Processing locations

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    Edward Bross


    I found that this behavior occurs when the client computer is connected to a different Network (for example "public" or "private") than the server, which is likely on a "Domain" network. One easy way out of a number of ways to see what network is connected is by viewing the Windows Firewall options. 

    first image show the FlexiCapture server is on the 'Domain' network. 

    this next image is the client PC. 

    When the client attempts to connect to the FlexiCapture 12 Scanning URL, it is challenged by the server for credentials. 

    Provide valid credentials and the site will load. 

    "Select" the project and then the error will display. (not the plug in was installed previously)

    To resolve this error and use the website, take the necessary steps to log the client PC on to the same Network as the Server. This is not a FlexiCapture issue but an issue with Windows Networking.

    When the client is on the same network as the server, the server will not challenge for credentials when the client hits the URL, and the site will function properly. 

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    Edward Bross

    If desired, one can return the client PC to a "public" or "private" network and upon reboot (reboot removes the client's authentication with the server) the server will again challenge the client for credentials, when provided site will again display the error. Changing the client again to the same "Domain" network as the server will again resolve the issue. 


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