How to delete CodeMeter in Windows if it can not be found in the list of installed applications?


If the CodeMeter is not needed (i.e., the installed ABBYY products are not using the WIBU dongle keys with a license file), it usually can be uninstalled by following the steps described in this ABBYY Knowledge Base article. How can the CodeMeter be deleted in Windows, if the CodeMeter Runtime Kit can not be found in the list of installed applications?


The CodeMeter can be deleted manually.

  1. Before deleting the executable located in C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin disable the following CodeMeter services:
    • CmWebAdmin (CmWebAdmin.exe)
    • CodeMeter Runtime Server (CodeMeter.exe)
  1. Make sure that the following processes are not running. If they are, end the tasks:
    • CmWebAdmin.exe
    • CodeMeter.exe
    • CodeMeterCC.exe
  1. Delete CodeMeter folders:
    • C:\Program files\CodeMeter
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter
  1. Delete CodeMeter keys from the Windows Registry:

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