FlexiCapture 12 Release 3 Update 4 (Build#

Release Date: April 9, 2021

Build Number:


  • Security improvements
    • Apache OpenOffice has been updated to version 4.1.9.
    • Codemeter has been updated to version 7.10b.
    • The following has been fixed: untrusted data could be used to redirect the user to a different website after login.
  • FCAdminTools: new SyncTrainingBatch command parameter DeleteBatchesMissedInSource
  • Optimized database resource consumption
    • OpenSession no longer puts an exclusive lock on the Session table.
    • Calculation of statistics for training batches has been disabled.
  • Web stations improvements
    • Verification order mode hotkey for the Web Verification station
    • Image color mode using URL-based API
    • Labelling segments for NLP processing
    • New scanning plugin for Web Stations
    • Proxy authentication support for the Web Scanning Station
  • General improvements
    • Changes to the default settings of the Auto mode for processing PDF files
    • Improved automatic import of e-mails from mail boxes
    • Offline scanning station functionality
    • New registration parameter fc_Predefined:EmailCopyAddressee

FlexiCapture for Invoices and Purchase Orders

  • NLP address parsing on English and German documents

FlexiCapture for Receipts

  • Extended country support of receipts
    • New countries supported: Ireland, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil.
    • Quality of extraction improved for: Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey.


  • #352192: An incorrect default language was selected when creating a document definition in Chinese.
  • #184385: A field region was detected incorrectly after training using a sufficient number of samples.
  • #197096: The Environment Variable dialog could not be sorted.
  • #304265, #328073: The Web Scanning Station and Web Capture Station didn't send the PDF text layer to the server, meaning that it was not used during recognition.
  • #331867: The Entry Condition dialog displayed incorrect values when saving changes and re-opening.
  • #342349: Sometimes text was displayed as a sequence of dots when importing PDF files with a text layer.
  • #361179, #357490: On the Web Verification station, deleting all text from a field when correcting errors caused the field to change its size and become unresponsive.
  • #347293, #336943: The “@” symbol could not be entered on the Web Verification Station using the German keyboard layout.
  • #306920: Different names for the same feature in the English and Russian UI’s.
  • #347703, #378948: Changing the Ratio property via the shell scripts did not rescale the window.
  • #343992, #371822, #391389: The PerMachine Web Scanning Plugin installation option did not work as intended.
  • #367691, #343042: A 302 Redirect occurred when opening iFrame in Chrome.
  • #355128: Different results for full-text and block recognition.
  • #318306: An “Exit code: 4” error occurred in FlexiCapture 12 when opening a Hot Folder file using the embedded Office application.
  • #286535: A "Scanner not found (Can't locate device; check cable and power.(-4536)" error occurred when working with some scanners on the Web Scanning station.
  • #362551: Filtering by classes on the Project Setup Station sometimes returned incorrect results.
  • #356567: Several document sets containing the same nested document caused the incorrect document to be chosen even if the available document sets were restricted by batch type.
  • #205501: The Inflate property was incorrectly passed to the child block.
  • #370773: Black square anchors were not detected correctly on some documents.
  • #348949, #377423, #270261: Some rules were checked only once on the Web Verification station.
  • #371085: Some PDF files could not be opened.
  • #373421: Repeating fields were not shown in the Web Station if there were multiple repeating fields already on the form.
  • #313193: A "Contains invalid path" error occurred when updating a Document Definition.
  • #366379: Upper-case text was not recognized in some PDF files with a text layer.
  • #349586: The registration parameter list did not work as intended if there were two or more values starting with the same string of characters.
  • #382004, #383651: WDSL validation errors caused by Web API responses.
  • #330091, #386447, #390457, #390105: Sometimes PDF image layouts got corrupted when imported to FlexiCapture.
  • #351425: Text near a stamp was not recognized on some documents.
  • #378819: No error message was displayed when upgrading a project with one or several corrupted batches, making it appear that the upgrade has been carried out successfully.
  • #382840: A “SparseFloatMatrix.cpp, 129” error occurred when training NLP segments on some documents.
  • #384956: A “fetchDocumentDataError” error occurred on the Web Verification station when an invoice was sent for processing.
  • #352835: Sometimes importing of multi-page documents from e-mail was interrupted.
  • #377395: A "Can't Reach This Page http://localhost:32023" error occurred when setting up MS Graph import.
  • #381967: XLS files containing a large number of columns were split into several pages.
  • #350053: Connecting to existing SQL databases using Windows authentication was not possible.
  • #385554: A barcode.dll module crashed during image processing.
  • #338439: Using a script to check all rules did not work as intended.
  • #214344: The RecognizeText method did not always work in FlexiLayout Studio.
  • #390831: It was not possible to scroll from one page of the document to the next after selecting "Fit-To-Width" on the Web Verification station.
  • #378291: Gregorian calendar dates were not converted correctly into Buddhist calendar dates.
  • #384211: A "the field value is not a date" error occurred for the Spanish date "2 de Jun del 2020" (the Spanish language and the “May include month in words” were both enabled).
  • #377584: It was not possible to delete characters represented by surrogate pairs using the backspace key on the Web Verification station.
  • #388368, #397645, #397663, #396718, #397683, #393828, #397753, #386739: An "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error occurred when importing via MS Graph.
  • #388209, #392221: A "Code: generalException Message: An error occurred sending the request." error occurred when trying to set up MS Graph with TLS1.0/1.1 disabled.
  • #388772: The document form could not be refreshed automatically (except by scrolling manually) after selecting a document with another definition during task verification on the Web station.
  • #371546: Updating the document definition version for a training batch document caused documents to switch to the Unused state.
  • #390145: Several radio buttons could be selected in the FlexiLayout Studio UI (Page Import Setting dialog).
  • #359437: Web Stations were inaccessible in IBM WebSeal environments due to incorrect URL parsing.
  • #385108: Data was not being saved on the Data Verification Station when the station window was closed.
  • #346690: A “Not enough memory!” error occurred when trying to download large projects from a server.
  • #368830, #365179, #373160: High system loads caused the available pages counter in the Administrator's and Monitoring Console to be updated with delays.
  • #392725: Source batch comments were not copied to the target batch when synchronizing training batches using FCAdminTools.
  • #305074, #190661: Recognition quality for CJK text was improved.
  • #377247: The Group into Section option was not localized.
  • #389038: PDF417 barcodes were not being detected on some images.
  • #340522: Some PDF files were being imported into FlexiCapture as blank pages.
  • #321998: The Continue Line Items command was available for an incorrect block type (Table), the use of which caused a "FineObjects\lnc\Object.h, 344" error.
  • #379023: The Chinese help files contained incorrect product names.
  • #400594, #400675, #402466: A "DataTables warning ..." message appeared when opening the Processing Monitoring tab on the Administrator's and Monitoring Console.
  • #342818: Field regions had to be drawn/selected twice in Field Extraction Training.
  • #400620: An "Unhandled Internal Error" error occurred in FlexiLayout Studio when working with a FirstFound element.
  • #391025: Changing the size of the document thumbnail panel during a task sometimes caused the screen to become blank.
  • #326783: Certain header keywords could not be detected on some images.
  • #336069: The hyphen character was not recognized correctly on some images.
  • #373025: Parts of text could not be captured on some documents.
  • #386269: It was not possible to create a multi-region field on the Web Verification Station.

FlexiCapture for Invoices

  • #342526, #358888, #388524: Vendors that were not relevant for the selected BU were displayed in Vendor Lookup.
  • #359450: An “Src\ProductItemsFinder.cpp, 856” error occurred when trying to recognize Hebrew invoices.
  • #367320: An “Src\FormAnalysis.cpp, 1952” error occurred when checking a document definition, caused by incorrect mapping between DataSet columns and the database.
  • #327854: Using the Duplicate command in the invoice project settings caused some countries to be missing from the Business Unit country list.
  • #347729: A “DatabaseCache.Query.h, 238” error occurred when trying to look up a record in DataSet on the Web Verification Station.
  • #349491: Training sometimes did not improve extraction results for projects.
  • #383115: Recognition results after training were not correct for some projects.
  • #381384: DataSet.GetRecords(query) returned incorrect results on some invoice projects.
  • #382425: Japanese text was not recognized in Generic Invoice Layout in some Japanese projects.
  • #363430, #372566: Purchase order numbers were not detected correctly in some US Invoice projects.
  • #387885: The JPY currency was not set as the default option in the Japanese Invoice Project.
  • #403055: The Total field was not detected correctly on some invoices.
  • Installing this update via the command line will cause the WIBU_USER_CMD=No key to not work.

Distributed (64-bit)


NLP Module (64-bit)


Standalone (64-bit)


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