Error code: (HTTP 413, 19, 0) while processing big documents in FlexiCapture 12.


Attempt to send batch that has several hundred pages to the server fails with error 413 (Request Entity Too Large).

Related errors:

- Cannot connect to 'http://<server_name>' (error code: (HTTP 413, 19, 0))


HTTP 413 Request Entity Too Large error indicates that request does not pass the limitation of the request length in IIS.


Increase the parameter "Maximum allowed content length" (maxAllowedContentLength, requestLimits)

To change corresponding parameter value for FlexiCapture 12 use one of the following approaches:

1) Make changes in Internet Information Settings properties:

1. Open Internet Information Services Manager

2. Navigate to FlexiCapture 12 > Server node

3. Go to Request Filtering->Edit Feature Settings.

4. Increase the limit per your preference (990 MB (990000000) in the screenshot example below):

5. Restart IIS to apply settings : Select IIS Server node and press on the Restart button



2) Edit FlexiCapture 12 configuration file.

1. Navigate to FlexiCapture 12 Application Server "Server" folder in IIS (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\FlexiCapture12\Server by default).

2. Open web.config file.

3. Under system.webServer node, add the following key with corresponding value according to your preference.

990 MB (990000000) value is used in the example below

    <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="990000000" />


4. Restart the IIS Server to apply changes.


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