The license counter is damaged: 258 in FlexiCapture 12


  • In the Windows Application Event log you see:
    FlexiBr: Processing Server restart: Could not launch the licensing system: Failed to run license <your license number> The license counter is damaged: 258.
  • In FlexiCapture 12 Administration & Monitoring Console at Summary tab license information is not shown with error:
    Data could not be accessed


FlexiCapture 12 Licensing Service and Processing Server Service are running with improper user accounts: Licensing Service is running on behalf of "Network Service" account and Processing Server is running on behalf of "Local System" account.


  1. Stop FlexiCapture 12 Processing Server Service.
  2. Stop FlexiCapture 12 Licensing Service.
  3. Start FlexiCapture 12 Licensing Service on behalf of Local System account.
  4. Start FlexiCapture 12 Processing Server Service on behalf of Network Service account or proper domain account.

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