What does "Inflate regions of found blocks" means and when it should be used


When opening the properties of a Blocks section, we may see the Inflate regions of found blocks option. What is this option and when it should be used?



The option Inflate regions of found blocks is used when we want to enlarge the region of all blocks, regardless of their source elements. It means that whichever region source elements are having, the blocks' region will become bigger.

To inflate blocks' regions, change the default number to a bigger number, depending on how much you want to enlarge your blocks. The numbers are measured in points.

Before and after inflating:


Overall, this option is useful when blocks' borders are too close to characters inside these blocks, which may cause misrecognition in FlexiCapture. The usual symptom of this is incorrect recognition result right after the recognition, but correct result when moving the borders of a field.

Before inflating blocks:


After inflating blocks:


As you can see in the second image, the region of the field became a little bit bigger and the text was recognized correctly.

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