Export to XML file with a custom structure


Can the results of FlexiCapture 12 processing be exported to an XML file with a custom structure?


In FlexiCapture 12, the out-of-the-box export to XML creates a simple tree of elements in the resulting XML file. If your desired workflow requires a more complicated structure of the resulting XML file, this can be achieved using the Export Script.

  1. Add the standard System.Xml assembly to the .Net References in the Document Definition Properties. Apply this change by saving and publishing the Document Definition.
  2. Create a new Export Destination. Select the Type: Custom export (script). Describe the desired export logic in a script. Refer to the articles below for more details on Export Scripts and sample scripts.

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    Khac Dung Dinh

    Hi Nikita,

    thanks for the great article.

    I stumbled on this topic today and have a further question regarding export path.

    How can we configure the export path when the project is located on cloud server and also the export is performed by ABBYY Connector Service?

    Warmest regards,



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