The license file is activated for the other computer


When trying to activate FineReader with the license file from the previous workstation, the following error message appears:
The license file *.ABBYY.License is activated for the other computer. 


The old license file you received before can not be used on the new PC. The old license file can not be used if the computer's configuration is changed, its hard disk formatted, or its operating system is reinstalled/changed as well. 


Please activate your copy of the program using the corresponding serial number and the activation method via the Internet (fastest method) or any other

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    mark derzon

    My computer required a clean install, because I have the license on my laptop i get an error saying i can't reinstall - there is a suggestion to go to the help site and contact or another website support/contact but the link goes nowhere. Can you please givew me a contact or a link to relinnquich the license from the original system so that I can install on the new one?


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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Mark,

    I have created a ticket based on your comment. Please await a reply from our Customer Support team.

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    Patrick van den Hoevel

    Hi Victoria - activation over the internet failed as there are no options shown as per the guidance above.

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    I tried the solution but keep getting error messages. Why?


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