How to process only the first page of a document


Is there a way to process only the first page of a document and skip the others?


There are two methods to do the above.

  1. Using Annex pages
    In the Document Definition properties, enable annex pages.

    Please change the numbers of annex pages and Document Definition sections according to your needs.

    The pages that are not able to be recognized with the Document Definition sections will be marked as unknown pages and will become annex pages.

    This method requires recognition, so even if you set unneeded pages as annexes, the number of remaining pages in the license will be reduced.

  2. Creating a custom script stage

    Another way is to create a custom (script) processing stage before the recognition stage.

    You can automatically delete unneeded pages from the batch, leaving only the first page of the document. The sample code snippet is as below:
    FCTools.ShowMessage("Overall:" + Batch.Documents.Count.ToString());
    FCTools.ShowMessage("Currently Deleting" + Documents.Count.ToString());
    The added custom script stage should look like on the screenshot below:

This method will leave only the first page of the first imported document if there are multiple files to import in one batch.

Additional information

About Document Definitions with Annex pages:

For more information on creating script processing stages:

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    Javier Sucunza

    Hi Mariia, Just 2 things:

    It is just what I want but I'm working in a Invoices project and FCI projects don't have it, I don't know why. on the other hand I have tried the Script and it does not do that exactly, what it does is: if a batch has more than 1 document, it deletes the rest and only leaves the first. I would like to know if there is an instruction to convert the pages of a document into attachments. in my case I want all annexes but the first.

    Thanks and regards,


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    Javier Sucunza


    I found the Script: Must be a Stage Script type: "Document Processing" before Recognize Stage.

    if(Document.Pages.Count > 1)
        for (int pageIndex = 1; pageIndex < Document.Pages.Count; pageIndex++)

    after this you have to add:

    Event Handlers > Before Matching script:

    Matching.MaxPagesToMatch = 1;


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