Document rules checking goes to a very long time


"Document rules checking" goes to a very long time when we verify on the Web Verification station.


Slow FlexiCapture complex performance


If the Database and File Storage are quite big, then it can slow down the performance. In that case, we recommend you to do the following procedures on FlexiCapture Database and File Storage:

1. Open Administration and Monitoring Console -> Settings-> Cleanup -> Manually cleanup and select to delete data older than (let say 7 days) and checked options to delete Processed batches, Event log, and Report data that you may have.  2. Shrink operation on the database and its files in SQL Management Studio. You can find this instruction online at Microsoft site:

3. Rebuild the index of the database. There are several options online how to do that, this is one example:

4. In FlexiCapture project, try to decrease the processed batches automatic delete timeout (14 days by default). To do it, open the project at Project Setup Station and in main menu -> Project -> Project Properties -> Export tab -> change the value to 7 days for delete processed batch or other value per your preference.
Note: For old processed batches, it may be required to delete them from Cleanup as instructed above.

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