Possibility of using more than one FlexiLayout inside one Document Definition


Is it possible to use more than one Flexilayout (markup) inside one document definition with the main layout at the same time? 



In FlexiCapture - FlexiLayouts are associated not with document definitions, but with sections inside document definitions.

Let's say your project contains multiple document definitions and in every of those document definitions, you have one single section based on a FlexiLayout :

What you can do is create separate FlexiLayouts (using FlexiLayout Studio), and add them as optional sections inside of every document definition.
The example below where optional sections represent layout of invoices from different states:

After that you can define Document Definition assembly rules like this:

This means that your main FlexiLayout should always extract the data from let's say main pages, but optional FlexiLayouts will remain optional and will only extract corresponding data from the rest of the pages of a document. Meaning, on one document the NY pages can be available, but CA pages can be missing.

Also, if you are using a classifier to identify the correct document definition - please note that a classifier in FlexiCapture works on a page level and it works with document definition sections. That means, if you want, you will be able to utilize the classification to find optional FlexiLayout pages within the document.

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