How to get field's coordinates with the script rule?


I need to export field's coordinates. How do I do it if the export format is not XML.


  • In Document Definition create a custom text field, i.e. Total Coordinates

  • ​In its properties > Rules create a script rule, i.e.
  • Add Total field into the rule as well, and make sure Total Coordinates is not read only as it will be modified:
  • ​​This is the sample script that will get the Total field surrounding rectangle coordinates and write them into the Total Coordinates field:
if (Context.Field("Total").IsMatched)
    Context.Field("Total Coordinates").Text = Context.Field("Total").Regions[0].SurroundingRect.Bottom.ToString() + ", " + Context.Field("Total").Regions[0].SurroundingRect.Left.ToString() +
    ", " + Context.Field("Total").Regions[0].SurroundingRect.Right.ToString() + ", " + Context.Field("Total").Regions[0].SurroundingRect.Top.ToString();

  • It will return something like that:
  • After that export that field into the data file together with other fields.​
  • It is possible to get coordinates of other fields as well the same way. However, for repeatable fields, iterate through every region as the field may have more than 1 instance.

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