Checkmark group markup in FlexiLayout Studio


How to correctly create a working markup of a checkmark group in FlexiLayout Studio?


It is possible to achieve this by following this scheme:


  1. Create reliable anchors for future fields - use the Region search element for the desired checkmarks.
  2. Use relations from created "keywords" static text elements for those Region elements as shown in the screenshots below:  

    This will help to correctly locate and draw the regions of each checkmark. 

    Note: It is possible to use any other search element for relations, the main purpose is to reliably locate the desired checkmarks.
  3. Create a Checkmark Group block as shown below:
  4. Add the desired amount of Checkmark blocks to the Checkmark group block as shown in the screenshot below:
  5. Once all of the checkmarks are reliably found, it is possible to indicate these Region elements as sources for CheckMark blocks:
  6. After finishing mapping the source elements to CheckMark blocks, save and export the layout and import it into the Project Setup Station.
  7. In Document Definition, make sure to set the correct settings for CheckMark group or individual CheckMarks.
    Also, make sure to set the correct Checkmark recognition properties settings
    It is possible to set this for the whole group:

    Or for each checkmark individually:

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