FineReader Server 14 COM+ API sample: after adding the export format to the COM+ API sample, the export fails with the "format is not supported" error


The FineReader Server 14 COM+ API sample was modified by adding the new export format to the list of available export formats. For example, XLSX as OFF_XLSX format, as shown below:

The export then fails with the following error:

Format OFF_XLSX is not supported


The new format was added to the interface but was not described.


You can see this message and when it is shown in the Processing.cs.

To describe the format, add its description in the following part of the Processing.cs:

As you can see, the check for the OFF_XLSX is added and it returns the XLSXExportSetting that are returned by the CreateCustomXLSXFormatSettings() method added.​ The code on the screenshot returns the default XLSX settings.

For the customization options refer to the ABBYY Online Help:

After the new export format was described, add it to the interface:

The processing is working as expected:

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