Monitoring the system and identifying bottlenecks while using FineReader Server 14


How can I monitor performance and detect bottlenecks while using the FineReader Server 14?


You can monitor all of your system hardware and detect bottlenecks using the Performance Monitor:

  1. Open the Performance Monitor (go to Start, in the Search box, type perfmon, and then choose the related link)
  2. Create Data Collector Set from template attached below:
    • In the navigation pane, expand Data Collector Sets, right-click User-defined, choose New, and then choose Data Collector Set:
    • In the Create new Data Collector Set wizard page, enter a name for the new data collector set
    • Select Create from a template (Recommended), and then choose the Next button
    • Download attached file: FineReader Server 14 Data Collector Set.xml
    • On the Which template would you like to use page, choose the Browse button, locate the .XML file attached, and then choose the Open button.
      Note: In this template 5 OCRProcessor.exe processes are used. Please, correct the count of processes according to your system.
    • Choose the Next button, and then follow the instructions to finish creating the data collector set.
  3. Follow the diagnostic routines from the article: Monitoring the system and identifying bottlenecks

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