How can user access the FineReader Server 14 Verification station


Does the user need to have FineReader Server installed for access to the Verification station? Or have access to the server where the FineReader Server 14 is installed?


There is no need to install FineReader Server 14 completely.
Installation of a Verification station is required to use it.

During the installation process, you can specify which parts of FineReader Server 14 are required for the current installation:

  1. In the Verification station open Tools > Station Settings

  2. User should specify the server address and select the workflow:

Keep in mind the following point regarding verification users: 

Using the Verification Station in a workgroup network

If the Verification Station and the Server Manager are installed on different computers in a workgroup network, the following requirements should be met:

  • The user account under which the Verification Station is run must be the Administrator or a member of the Power Users group with a non-empty password.
  • On the computer on which the Server Manager is installed, there must exist user accounts with the same usernames and passwords as those of the users who will run the Verification Station.

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