Remote Verification Station "Licence has expired" error


Can’t connect from a computer using a Remote Verification Station to the Server with the following error.


The issue could be related to the fact that the Processing Server service was not started, or the Processing Server was not added to the Processing Server monitor, or the user's computer was not added to the list of server stations.


  • Check and make sure that the Processing Server service is running under Windows Services.
  • Make sure that your Processing Server is started and it has an IP of the PC with a Verification Station listed in the "Stations" list.
  • Please make sure that the Processing Server is pointing to the correct URL.
  • Also, if you've made changes to your license recently, please update your license from the License Manager.
  • Lastly, please make sure that the Remote Verification Station is in the same subnet/domain as the Processing Server.​

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    Kenneth Alan Sifleet

    Through mishaps off computer crash and loosing data I need a NEW LICENCE 

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    Kenneth Alan Sifleet

    How do I get a NEW LICENCE

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    Kenneth Alan Sifleet

    So many things gone wrong  and woring with new windows 11 lost my details. 


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