Where to find the NLP settings


I have installed the NLP component. Where can I find settings for the NLP?


There are two places where you can find NLP mentioned in Project Setup Station.

The first place is the Document Section parameters, where the corresponding tab is located and all settings for Natural Language Processing can be found:

  1. Open the Document Definition where NLP should be enabled in the Document Definition Editor.
  2. In the Document Definition Editor Navigate to the Document Structure, select the Document Section, and open its Properties.
  3. In the opened window NLP tab can be found.
    Step_3.pngHere all NLP settings for the current layout can be done.

The second place is Field Extraction Training Batches. Once a batch had been created, the user can mark it to be an NLP batch. To do so, just click the right mouse button on the corresponding batch and click NLP batch in the droplist.


Please note, to have NLP options available you need a Natural Language Processing module enabled for your license.


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