Why did the page counter reset to 0?


The page counter reset to 0. What are the reasons for that?


The reasons why this could happen:

  1. All available pages have been used.
  2. The system date was changed due to a system failure or scheduled time change:
    • In the event that the system date was changed to the next month or later, the license is blocked until the date to which the time was changed. After reaching the date on which the transfer was made, the license becomes operational again.
    • After the transfer of the system date, the license is not blocked only if the date was returned to its correct value, and during transfers from this machine, not a single request to the server was made (for example, a request to the server is made during the opening of the station).
    • The counter is frozen at the time of the data conversion and depending on the settings in the Productivity Limitation license, it is either reset to zero or takes its last value before the system date is changed.
  3. The page counter of hardware licenses activated on Codemeter Wibu dongles could be set to 0 after the license update. The counter would be restored to the default value in T periods, where T is approximately equal to the number of periods between the first activation and update/re-activation dates. The issue is fixed in FlexiCapture 11 Release 7.


There is a license with the following settings:

  1. Page Limit  - 1000000
  2. Count recognized pages only  - No
  3. Renewable every year

The counter at the time of the transition of the date was 1000 pages. The date was moved from 04/03/2021 to 07/03/2021.

This means that the license will be blocked until 07/03/2021, and after that, it will be unblocked. The counter will then be 1000. With the Renewable every month setting, the counter would have been reset to 0.

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