How to re-recognize a whole batch?


How is it possible to automatically re-recognize a whole batch ('Clear analysis result' and recognize a batch repeatedly in bulk)? 


This could be achieved using a custom scripted stage, that would automatically clear the analysis results for all the documents in a batch and then route it back onto the recognition stage.

This could be achieved as follows (from the Project Setup Station):

  • Create a new Automatic Stage in the workflow (either for a specific batch or for the 'Default' batch from the project properties)
  • Set the script to the following:
    foreach (IDocument Doc in Documents)
    // Clear previous recognition results
  • Set the exit route to "Recognition" as follows:
  • It is possible to send the necessary batches to this stage via the "Send To Stage" option from the Verification station, either Web or Desktop if a specific user/role is allowed to perform this action.

Note: the script provided is a sample script that may or may not require edits before implementing it into your project based on your specific configuration.

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