Multiple release/export destinations for FC Connect


Is it possible to release to multiple destinations in a document definition using Flexicapture Connect?



In order to allow FC Connect to export working batch into several different locations at once:

  1. Create a copy of the FlexiCapture Connect folder. 
  2. Change the export script in Instance 2 to your desired folder.

From this step, you may run both instances of FC Connect. 

Please be aware that simultaneously running both instances will result in: 

  • Instance 1 will grab files ready for export which will result in an exception on instance 2
  • In addition to that when Instance 1 finishes export - this will resume operations on Instance 2 
  • And Instance 2 finish export as well, therefore you will get the same files exported into two different locations.

In case you want your FC Connect running in the background, you will need to create an additional service for the second instance of FC Connect.

Creating a service

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