The difference between FineReader, FineReader Server and FlexiCapture


What is the difference between FineReader, FineReader Server and FlexiCapture?


FineReader PDF is a document viewer with OCR function that allows to convert scanned documents, PDF documents, and image files into editable formats.

FineReader Server is a program for automated conversion and document capture with full page OCR recognition, that can be operated within a network.

FlexiCapture is a platform for intelligent data and document capture which can be successfully used to extract data from unstructured as well as structured paper documents, scans, e-mail messages, and other sources for subsequent use in document management systems.

The main difference between FineReader Server and FlexiCapture is that FineReader Server is used for a full page recognition and conversion while FlexiCapture is used for data extraction. Thus, the purposes of their use are quite different in their essence.

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