How to add the original file name to the batch name?


How can I add the original file name to the batch name? We ingest a single file per a batch.



  • In the Advanced Workflow create a script stage after the Scanning stage. It needs to be Automatic type:


  • Name it and tick on Wait for all documents of a batch option:


  • Switch to Batch Processing type script:


  • Here is a sample code:
if (Batch.Documents.Count > 0)
    string batchName = Batch.Name;
    string fileName = "";
    fileName =  Batch.Documents[0].Pages[0].ImageSourceFileSubPath;
    Batch.Name = batchName + " " + fileName;


  • The result is:

Please note, the batch needs to go through the workflow (i.e. imported from the hot folder or sent from Scanning Station).

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