How to set Documents that were matched with specified Document Definition to not be exported and moved to the Processed stage directly?


Is it possible to set the Documents matched with one of the Document Definitions to not be exported and moved directly to the Processed stage?


In order not to export Documents matched with a certain Document Definition, you can skip the unnecessary workflow stages using scripting:

  1. In Project Properties choose the Advanced workflow schema and edit a Recognition stage:

  2. Go to the Exit Routes tab of the Recognition stage properties and add a new route to the Processed stage to it:

  3. Add a new Rule to this stage, choose Script as a condition type, and use the following script.
    * Please change the "Unknown Document" in the provided script to your actual Document Definition name.

    if (Document.DefinitionName == "Unknown Document") {
        Result.CheckSucceeded = true;
  4. Save the changes and test them. The batch with the documents should go straight to the Processed stage after the Recognition, skipping the rest of the stages, including Export:

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    Abegail Yap

    What if there's 2 documents in 1 batch? 1 matched with one of the Document definitions which should be moved to processed, and the other 1 should go through the stages


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