Internal program error: "E:\TfsBuildAgent\_work\25\s\Build\FlexiCapture\Controller\Protection\ActiveLicenseParams.cpp, 46."


When trying to perform one of the following actions in the Document Definition:

  • Testing the Document Definition using the "Run test" command;
  • Trying to update FlexiLayout;
  • Trying to Publish the Document Definition;
  • etc.

The following IPE occurs:

E:\TfsBuildAgent\_work\25\s\Build\FlexiCapture\Controller\Protection\ActiveLicenseParams.cpp, 46.


The possible cause of this error can be different depending on the case. Possible causes include:

  1. FlexiCapture and installed CodeMeter have different versions, thus the error occurs when communicating between the License Service and CodeMeter.
  2. The license data is damaged.
  3. Some of the language(s) used in the FlexiLayout project are no longer supported.


Depending on the cause, there are different resolution methods. We will list them in the order according to the order in the Cause section.

CodeMeter issue

Try disabling the use of CodeMeter on a computer that has a License server installed:

  1. Open the folder where the license service is installed. Default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ABBYY\FlexiCapture\12.0\Licensing
  2. Add the following parameters to LicensingSettings.xml:
            <EnableCodeMeterLicenses Enable="no" />
            <EnableIKeyLicenses Enable="no" />
    Check the screenshot below:
  3. After that, update your license in License Manager:

The license data is damaged

Please try updating your license.

FlexiLayout project languages

The resolution for this issue can be found in the following ABBYY Knowledge Base article:

Error after updating FlexiLayout Studio: ERR_FFS_FLEX_DESCR_LANGUAGE_NOT_FOUND

In case none of the above methods help in resolving the issue, please contact ABBYY FlexiCapture Support.

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