Automatic processing and recognition of pages in the OCR Editor


The program automatically processes the pages and recognizes the text, when a document is opened in the OCR Editor. How to enable/disable the automatic processing and recognition of pages added to the OCR Editor?


To enable/disable the automatic preprocessing, analysis, and recognition of the added pages to the OCR Editor, please follow the steps below:

  1. Start FineReader PDF.
  2. For FineReader PDF 16: go to the File menu and select Options....
    For FineReader PDF 15: go to the Tools menu and select Options....
  3. Go to the Image Processing tab.
  4. Find the Automatically process page images as they are added to the OCR Editor option.
    The option is turned on by default. If it is not needed to automatically process image pages added to the OCR Editor, it is possible to uncheck this option:
  5. Click OK to save changes. 

Additional information

More information about opening pages in the OCR Editor can be found in the section Automatic analysis and recognition of images added into the OCR Editor of the article Image processing options.

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