"This user does not exist on the server" error is shown when connecting to the server in any rich station


When connecting to the server in the Project Setup Station or other rich station, when specifying the authentication details and clicking Test connection, the test is not successful and the error is shown:

This user does not exist on the server


The available projects list is empty after the connection:


The specified user is added to the server and has all the required rights.


Two possible reasons possible for this situation:

  • Tenant creation was not finalized.
  • The wrong tenant is specified in the connection settings. As long as tenants at the server in FlexiCapture 12 are isolated and independent of each other, user accounts and permissions are not transferred across the tenants and should be set up in each tenant separately.


Depending on the issue's origin, the resolution is as follows.

  1. Make sure that the tenant setup is completed. For newly created tenants in low-grade environments, the procedure may take some time (several minutes).
    Try to log in with proper permissions and open the projects list (it will be empty for the new tenant) to make sure that the tenant is active.
  2. Specify the correct tenant name in the connections settings, or keep the tenant name field empty to open the project from the main tenant (e.g. specify only the server URL without the tenant name):

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