How to export the Verification Operator name


Is there a way to export the Verification Operator name?


Saving the Verification Operator name as a field's value can be implemented using a script stage.

  1. In the Advanced Workflow, create a script stage after the Verification Stage.

  2. In the script, use the IDocument.Property(VerifiedBy) to get the name of the Verification Operator who performed the verification of the document. 
    Refer to the following ABBYY Online Help topic for more information about IDocument:

If there were no manual edits of any field, the above method will return an empty value.

In that case, one workaround is to force editing of the field by an operator.

Create a checkmark that is unchecked by default. Then create a rule and set the rule to display an error if that checkmark is unchecked.

In these situations, the operator must click the checkmark to complete the task, and this action counts as document editing.

This operation will create a correct record in the IDocument.Property(VerifiedBy).

You can also get the Verification Operator name using the Service Field with the Document Latest Editor Info Data Source. This method doesn't require any additional workflow steps. Follow the steps below to create a service field.

  1. Create a new Service Field.
  2. Select the Document Latest Editor Info as a Data Source for the created field.
  3. Make sure to enable the export for the created field.

If any changes were made to the document during Verification, the value of this Service Field will change to the username of the person who last edited the document. If there are no document changes during Verification, the value of this Service Field remains unchanged.

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