How to move FlexiCapture 12 online license at different machine?


  • Deactivate option disabled in the license manager. Why is it so?
  • How can I deactivate my FlexiCapture 12 online license?
  • I need to deactivate the license at my machine and activate it on one of my other servers. But I could not see the deactivate button for this license number in my license manager. How can I deactivate the license?mceclip0.png



Generally it is not necessary to deactivate the online license to use it at different machine. It is by design that the corresponding option is disabled in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 License Manager for online licenses.

Please refer to the corresponding section "Using a single online license on several computers" of the dedicated ABBYY Online Help article Online licensing in ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 for the instruction how to use the online license at different computer.

In case if you strongly require to deactivate the license, consider using CLI for managing licenses is described as a legitimate method for FlexiCapture 12 online licenses. Please refer to Managing your licenses using the command-line console article for more details.

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