Import from Hot Folder doesn't work even though the Hot Folder enabled in A&M Console. No tasks related to import in Processing Server Monitor


Import from Hot Folder works only when manually triggered in Project Setup Station.

It doesn't work even though the project is uploaded to the server and Hot Folder is enabled in A&M Console for the project.

No tasks related to image import appear in Processing Server Monitor -> Tasks.


This might happen because of the different versions of servers and stations.

When stations were updated but the servers were still of the previous version, the project uploaded from the Project Setup Station has a newer version and is not compatible with the older version server. In this case, you will not receive the "Application server is not compatible" error message and the uploaded project is visible in A&M Console.

You can check if the project is compatible and if the Hot Folder is enabled using the FlexiBrSvc Please view command via the command line:


If the project is not visible in the Hot Folders list, it is of a different version and not compatible with the server even though it is visible in the A&M Console.


Check the project, server, and station versions. 

As a proper solution, we suggest updating FlexiCapture servers to the same version as stations. 

But it is also possible to install an older version station if you have a project copy that is of the same version as the server. Then you can upload the older project version. 

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