Basic authentification doesn`t work in the Postman


We configured API calls by the guide but couldn`t process documents through Postman.  After adding authorization rules for users of the Web Services API  create the Get task in the Postman with basic authentification - receive the "401 unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials" 


Windows Authentication is disabled at the Authentication Site Settings of FineReader Server 14 Site


  1. Add the desired Authentication type and URL Authorization feature (Windows Authentication). More information about that you can find in this article.
  2. Disable Anonymous Authentication and Enable Windows Authentication at the Authentication Site Settings of FineReader Server 14 Site: FineReader Server 14 site => IIS Group => Authentication feature.

  3. Add the Allow Authorization rule for the desired user or group.
  4. Choose NTLM Authorization at the Tab: Authorization of request in Postman and specify user credentials.

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