Adding Coversheet to Existing Invoice Project

Dear forum members / ABBYY supporters,
I am working on adding functionality to an existing invoice processing project.

The current invoice project is setup with one document definition to handle invoices, which can be multiple pages.

Going forward, invoices will be submitted in the same way as before, but may contain a coversheet containing information relevant to the invoice it is submitted with. If present, the coversheet will be within the same file as the invoice, but on separate pages.

I want to update the project as follows:

If coversheet is not present, the existing functionality remains.

If coversheet is present, fields/values on the coversheet are extracted and compared to similar, linked fields on the relevant invoice.

The existing form that shows in verification station is great, and should remain the same in both cases, just pulling values/exercising checks with values from the coversheet, when present.

Please advise on the best route to update the project.

(Note: I tried the batch type approach described here which did not work: Best practice for documents, which can optionally have a cover sheet to be recognized correctly? – Help Center (
I have tried a document set, but I cannot add the existing invoice document definition's fields/form data to it.
I have created a coversheet flexilayout, and document definition, which work on their own (if just a coversheet is submitted).)

I was hoping that there would be a clear way to add an optional coversheet to the existing project, with conditional logic branching such that if that coversheet is present, perform [] additional checks/rules on the fields present.

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