Processing files with individual XML-ticket settings in FineReader Server 14

If you need the files to be processed by individual processing settings different from those specified in the workflow, you can create an XML-ticket.

For example, this would be useful if you need a specific verification station to receive a specific document, but you don't want to create a separate workflow for this.

Find XML-ticket description in the help file:

Use Open API help to find properties needed for your task:

Note that you can create an XML-ticket fast by specifying the desired settings in the workflow settings, processing a file with XML results enabled, and then replacing the <XmlResult> tag in the output XML result file with the <XmlTicket> tag.

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    Steve Frierdich

    I am looking on how to use the a Abby FineReader Server  14 Swagger Web API call to submit image and get back as an output file an character extend XML file and a char extended formatting file.

    These would be the same type of xml files as seen in ABBYY_XML_Sample_Collection demo files.

    I need the exact JSON body string I would place in the 

    POST/api/workflows/{workflowName}/input/ticket service which can be accessed on the internet for the server where abbyy finereader server has been installed.

    No I do not need the visit the help center on how to create a XML ticket using COM or any other old outdated technolory. And please do not reference to me to the worthless video .

    Again I need the JSON body string the would be place inthe above post service call via the browser using the POST/api/workflows/{workflowName}/input/ticket service.

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    Steve Frierdich

    Using the ABBYY_XML_Sample_Collection and Abbyy FineReader Server 14 Swagger,

    How would I submit the Collection's DemoImage1.jpg image and get back xml files that  character extend xml file like the Collection's DemoImage1_ABBYY_CharacterExtend.xml and a character extend formatting xml file like the Collection'sDemoImage1_ABBYY_CharExtendFormating.xml.

    Exactly what swagger api's would I use and what is the exact JSON body string to use for each api.


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