Use filename of imported document to help FlexiCapture determine which classification to apply

Dear All,

I am quite new to FlexiCapture (using the distributed version, v12).

My scenario:

  • I would like to process semi-structured PDF documents that are placed into a hot folder.
  • 95% of files I will need to process have a filename that includes an clue as to how the PDFs should be classified.
  • For example, the document name might be "T123654-Text-FormType.pdf" ; where the *FormType* portion of the filename would uniquely indicate the classification of the form (and the document definition to be applied to extract data from the form).
  • I have prepared in FlexiLayout Studio a number of alternative layouts - each relating to the FormType

My goal: Use the filename of the imported document to help FlexiCapture determine which classification to apply.

I think (but I am not sure) I need to do the following:

1) Prepare a script to: first get the filename from the hot-folder, then parse the filename and then somehow use the result of the parsing to map to the classification to be applied.

One challenge I have is how to use the script to tell FlexiCapture which alternative/classification to use.

2) Add a Workflow Stage (presumably after hotfolder file import, but before recognition) and place the script there.

Any help people can give me is very appreciated.

Background only: I have tried to see if this question is already answered in the forums & found the following


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    Tony Meman

    Hi All,
    If anyone can help I'd *very* much appreciate it.

    I had assumed that classifying documents using the document file name as a "clue" would be a common scenario.

    Is Abbyy FlexiCapture capable of doing this?

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    Tony Meman

    Update - I finally figured this out.

    Was really disappointed that no one responded to my post.

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    Jinnu Panipichai

    Hi Tony,

    Could you please share how did you manage to get the filename?

    Thank you.


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