Can not alter database settings: Run the browser as administrator


When opening the /FlexiCapture12/monitoring/winauth/main/dbconnection endpoint in the Administration and Monitoring Console it is not possible to alter the database connection settings and the following message is shown:


This is caused by the fact that the browser that is used to access the Administration and Monitoring console is not being run with elevated rights ("As administrator")


Make sure to start the browser as an administrator. There are a few notes regarding some of the popular browsers in this regard:

  • Google Chrome - it should be completely shut down before launching it "as administrator", both browser window itself, from the Windows tray and via the Task Manager. Make sure to save all the work in Chrome before exiting it;
  • Microsoft Edge (not Internet Explorer) - can not be started with elevated rights;
  • Opera - can not be started with elevated rights;
  • Firefox - Windows Authentication should be used in order to access the DB connection properties, which is currently not available in Firefox by default;
  • Other browsers were not tested by the ABBYY team.

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