How to sync Active Directory users with a CURL request


When importing user accounts from an Active Directory the response does not return an error, but no users/groups are imported. How can this be resolved?


The curl command Active Directory sync request will only import users/groups if the Active Directory path is filled in within the "Import users and group" settings in FlexiCapture.

Group will be imported with name <ADPath>\<GroupName>, for example: "GC://ABB...."

The following request should work properly after the correct import:

curl --ntlm --user <user>:<password> http://<server>/FlexiCapture12/Monitoring/winauth/ActiveDirectory/SynchronizeGroups --data "Server=<ADPath>" --data "IsWindowsAuthentication=true" --data "SearchGroups=true" --data "SearchGroupsUsers=true" --data "SearchSubGroups=true" --data "Query=<groupName>"

Further information on the request parameters can be found in ABBYY FlexiCapture documentation: Using the Active Directory to manage users

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