Unable to access Project's options. File operation error (Access to C:\Windows\<folderName> was denied)


The following error occurs when trying to open the project within the Project Setup Station:

Error: Unable to access Project's options ('http://localhost/2/<Name>).
File operation error (Access to C:\Windows\0F29102F-1B82-4BDB-B0CF-3132E28DO55F was denied.).
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Generally, this issue appears in the following cases:

  1. The user which is trying to open the project does not have the permissions to perform read/write operations to the File Storage folder.
  2. There may be no free space left on the system drive (C:\)
  3. The antivirus can be blocking the File Storage folder


To resolve any of the possible root causes, please perform the following steps:

  1. Try granting the read/write permissions for the user:
    Open folder where File Storage folder is located > right-click on the folder > Properties.. > Security > Edit.. > Add.. > Specify the problematic user account > grant the user Full control permissions
  2. Check if there is still any place left on the system drive (or on the drive mentioned in the error message):
    For this, right-click on the drive C:\ > Properties.. > General > Check the amount of Free space
    If no space left, please remove some files, so that the program can properly operate further.
  3. Check if all the necessary folders are added to exceptions on the Antivirus software side.

Also, it is recommended to perform the reboot of the host where the issue appears.

Additional information

Adding FlexiCapture 12 to the white list of antivirus

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