How to build a direct link to a verification task using the Web Services API


How is it possible to create a direct link for a verification task?


Note: In this example, to visualize how the Web API requests are built and sent. Postman is used. The exact steps might differ in different environments, but overall the addresses and parameters would be the same.

1. If you use the FlexiCapture authentication and access the cloud project, the URL should contain both the FCAuth prefix and ?Tenant parameter. The parameter can be added to the URL directly or via the Parameters tab:

2. On the Authorization tab, select the Basic Auth type and specify your FC username and password:

3. Open the session, e.g., for the Senior Verification Operator (6) on the Web Verification Station (12). After specifying the body, the request could be sent:

As a result, a response would be returned containing the created session ID. The status of the request has to be 200.

Here is the text representation of the body's request:

"MethodName": "OpenSession",
"Params": {
 "roleType": 6,
 "stationType": 12

4. To check which tasks are available on the Verification (processingStage = 500) the GetAvailableTasks request should be executed.
The ID of the stage type can be found in the following documentation article - 
The project ID can be found on the Administration & Monitoring console. Please make sure, that on the 
Authorization tab in Postman you have specified the Basic Auth with the FC User credentials as was described above.

So the request will look as follows:

As a result, you will receive a list of tasks available on the Verification.

"MethodName": "GetAvailableTasks",
"Params": {
"sessionId": 787494763,
"processingStage": 500,
"onlyPrivateBatches": false

To build the verification URL, you will need to have at least the task ID. As it was obtained in the previous step, you will now be able to build the Verification URL:

The verification URL can be built according to the rules specified on the following page:
Integrating the verification stage

All the methods for Web API are described in the articles which have already been provided to you:

The complete algorithm of the documents' verification can be found here:

Verifying the documents

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