Error message: "Unknown COM Error. Error code: 0x8004011d"

When setting up a workflow with import via MAPI (via MS Exchange Server) in FineReader Server 14, you may encounter the following issue:

  1. An error message pops-up when clicking Browse button:
    Unknown COM Error. Error code: 0x8004011d.
  2. The workflow does not start with an error message in the Server Log:
    FineReader Server 14 Workflow "<Workflow_Name>": Unknown COM Error. Error code: 0x8004011d

This error message may be caused by unavailable Exchange Server. This also may be caused by Firewall or proxy-server preventing traffic from Exchange Server go through to FineReader Server 14.

To eliminate the issue we would like to recommend checking up the network connection.

This error message may be caused by unavailable Exchange Server. The possible reasons are:

  • Firewall  or proxy-server do not let traffic pass from the Exchange to FineReader Server 14. We recommend testing network connection and settings.
  • Access to the mailbox is denied for the user account FineReader Server 14 Server Manager is running under. By default this service is running under Local System account

If none of these recommendations do not  help, please, contact Technical support service and submit your request

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