"Cannot configure database ... SOAP Server Application Faulted" error while creating or connecting to FlexiCapture database

While attempting to create a new FlexiCapture 12 database or the Application server may encounter errors as below:

Cannot configure database. Query timeout expired Inner Exception: SOAP Server Application Faulted

Repeating the creation attempts hit the messages as:

Cannot configure database. Database '<databaseName>' already exists. Choose a different database name. Inner Exception: SOAP Server Application Faulted

and attempts to connect to this database fail with the following error:

Cannot configure database. Could not find stored procedure 'Settings_GetValue'. in method { call Settings_GetValue(?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) } Inner Exception: SOAP Server Application Faulted

It means that the database was created, but the Application Server cannot connect to it. The reason for such behavior is incorrect permissions used to create the database.

Check if FlexiCapture 12 IIS Application pools are running on behalf of the default Network Service account:

If yes, restart the Application pools on behalf of domain user with sufficient permissions over domain and SQL Server instance. Then try creating FlexiCapture database via Administration & Monitoring console. As an other option, try creating FlexiCapture database manually and connect to it in the  Administration & Monitoring console.

After the database is created and connected to the FlexiCapture Application Server, switch FlexiCapture Application pools back to the Network Service account if such settings are preferred.

You can find information on how to manually create a new MS SQL database in FlexiCapture 12 in the following article

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