How to set up the MAPI (Outlook) import profile?


How to set up the MAPI (Outlook) import profile?


To ensure the proper import work, before configuring the MAPI import profile, several requirements have to be fulfilled:

  1. It is recommended to use Outlook 2016 when importing to FlexiCapture 12 using the MAPI protocol. Later versions of Outlook are not supported.
  2. Since all communications with MAPI are implemented within a MapiConnector library, which is available in two versions, x86, and x64, Outlook should be installed with the same bit architecture as FlexiCapture 12. The product always uses only one of the options that match the bit architecture of the installed Outlook.
  3. The Processing or Operator Station service needs to be started under the same account as being used for the mailbox.

To set up the MAPI import profile, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Outlook account, create a new folder.

    The folder should be created outside the Inbox folder.

  2. Open the Outlook > Home

  3. Right-click on your account name (e.g., > Data file properties… > Permissions

  4. Click Add... and select the created account

  5. Grant the Owner Permissions Level for the account > Apply

  6. Upload the FlexiCapture project to the server using the option User server authentication

  7. Open Administration and Monitoring Console > Settings > Projects > enable the corresponding Hot folder

  8. Grant Administrator permissions for the account in Administration and Monitoring Console > Settings > Users

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